Monday, 8 August 2011

Getting there...

Close, but not that close.

The code still needs tweaking and wasn't quite working as expected, so decided to start from scratch and add the bits module by module, piece by piece, to get it nearer to what I wanted.

I've added 3 minicams to the payload for video coverage from 3 different angles, attached to a 2000mAh battery. Keeping it simple - on and record until the card fills up or the battery dies - essentially 1h 45 mins worth.
2 point and shoot cameras for the photos. I've ditched the webcam and SSTV Gumstix part for a later date.... otherwise this project will never happen!

Helium has been bought and is sitting in the garage costing ~£7 a month hire charge - dammit, got it too early! (since Nov 2010 - ambitious)

I was lucky enough to help a fellow local HABer in the area (maybe Worcester is an additional HAB hub?) Adam C with his HABE payload. It went really well and confirmed what I was working on would actually take off and work - I've just been soooo slow putting it all together. An idea I've pinched from this is a standalone GPS tracker which responds to a text message, so once the payload has landed, the chances of a successful recovery improves dramatically :) Also, the parachute used was cool - so got myself one of those from spherachutes. Cheers Cuddykid.

I've now got the main payload styrofoam container nearly cut to shape (thanks to the other half ;) and the cutdown device partially rigged up as per the idea on the UKHAS site.

Updated photos:
Starting to hollow out the box

Batteries for the minicams, arduino (with screwshield). Transmitter, cameras, cutdown circuits & gps tracker:

Box with more parts in place: